Greener Partners' Mission

Healthier communities through food, farms and education.



Healthy eating is the key to a lifetime of good health, and healthy, delicious food is Greener Partners’ foundation. Our country is suffering from many forms of poor health, but we focus on access to healthy food for all people.

Food is also one of the foundations upon which families and communities are built. Enjoying delicious food is one of our oldest pleasures, and ultimately Greener Partners’ aim is to bring enjoyment of healthy food to people of all ages, so they may enjoy it their whole lives.



Healthy food grows on local farms, where agriculture is practiced in sustainable ways. Our three regional farm hubs in Philadelphia, Wynnewood and Worcester create a true sense of place for our programs and produce thousands of pounds of organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables for the public, for food pantries and for our education programs.


We bring our practices of healthy food and farming to life through hands-on experiential education at our farms or with the Farm Explorer program. Greener Partners’ innovative Farm Explorer trucks bring mobile farm classrooms to urban areas to teach science, gardening and cooking in a way that ignites the joy of healthy eating. Thousands of children each year enjoy these programs throughout Philadelphia.


Board of Directors


Patrick South

Jay Devine

Scott Jones, Esq.

Jim Zdancewicz

Jason Ingle


Katie Charlson

Patrick Feury

Cristina Hug

Brandy-Joe Milliron, Ph.D.

Lexy Pierce

Maria Schreder

Jeff Shanahan

Jeffrey Sloan

Michael Tierney, Esq.

Becky Wein

Erik Williams, Esq.

Garrett Wilson

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